Blepharoplasty (Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery)

An eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure to remove excess skin or to add or remove fat from the eyelids as necessary, depending on the desired result.

Treatment details

As we get older, skin gradually loses its elasticity throughout our bodies, but often most noticeably in the delicate skin around the eye.

This can create the appearance of excess skin in the upper eyelid, and wrinkling and puffiness in the lower eyelid. In addition, the compartments holding fat pads around the eyes can become stretched and the fat start to push through, creating ‘eye-bags’ and contributing to a tired appearance. In the upper eyelid, excess skin can cause hooding which may sometimes be bad enough to obscure vision.

Our technique

I use a variety of techniques depending on the specific issue to be addressed, but most commonly a combination of skin tightening procedures together with a reshaping of the fatty eye bag. This produces a more alert, brighter and younger look, with scars well hidden in the national creases of the eyelids. Eye ointment is given to you to use for a few weeks to prevent dry eyes.

Surgery is carried out either under local or general anaesthesia depending on your individual procedure. Surgery normally takes around 30 minutes per eyelid.

Upper Eyelid Surgery
The incisions are generally made along the natural upper eyelid crease. Excess skin and fatty tissue is then removed together with a thin strip of muscle to improve the eyelid contour. The scar is hidden in the crease of the eyelid and is one of the few scars that even a Plastic Surgeon may have difficulty identifying when it has fully healed.

Lower Eyelid Surgery
Incisions are most commonly made just below the lower eyelashes. The skin and muscle is then lifted allowing access to the fat pads and removal of excess fat. In some cases, it is helpful to re-shape fatty tissue onto the cheek. Skin and muscle are then trimmed as needed.

If you have a lower lid eye bag without substantial droopy skin it is sometimes more appropriate to make your incision inside the eyelid itself, leaving no externally visible scar. The operation can be carried out in exactly the same way except that skin is not trimmed at the end of the procedure.

Fulvio's advice

Before surgery you will have a full examination to make sure you do not have dry eye conditions, blepharitis or any other eye problem that could be exacerbated by surgery.

Smokers are urged to stop for 2 weeks before and after surgery. Aspirin should be avoided for 1 week before surgery. If you take other blood thinners we will need to consult with your GP to discuss the advisability of stopping them.

  • Analgesia (pain relief) – Ibuprofen and paracetamol can be taken
  • Complete rest will be necessary for 48 hours
  • ​Daily tepid showers will be possible after 48hours
  • ​Surgical skin tapes should be left in place for 2 weeks
  • ​The hospital or surgeon should be contacted if you develop a temperature
  • ​The hospital or surgeon should also be contacted immediately in rare cases of bleeding or rapid swelling
  • ​Patients should take care not to over exert themselves in the first few weeks and to keep pressure off the wounds
  • ​Wounds will be checked and sutures removed normally at 1 week
  • ​I will see you routinely at 1, 2 and 6 weeks after surgery
  • ​Dressing care nurses may see you more often
  • ​Swelling reduces after a few weeks
Procedure statistics

General or Local Anaesthetic

Reasonably mobile: Immediately

Hospital stay: 0-1 night

Washing: Immediately, but without rubbing the eyes for one week

Full recovery: 1-2 weeks

Surgery time: 30 minutes per eyelid

Driving: 1 day, provided your vision is clear

We advise patients to stop smoking 2 week before and after any surgery

Time off work: 2 weeks

Exercise: 3-4 weeks

Price: Upper blepharoplasty – £1800 to £3800

Price: Lower blepharoplasty – £4000-4500

Price: Upper and Lower blepharoplasty – £5000-£6000

  • I would like to express my thanks for the care and kindness you have shown me. It has made such a difference in what has been a difficult time. Many thanks

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  • To Dr Urso-Baiarda and wonderful team. Thank you for looking after me and making this journey for me. I am so happy with my results!

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  • Hi Fulvio, Thank you again for everything, not only the fantastic results (I’m beyond thrilled) but also the level of care you have shown. I would love to see what can be achieved, and if the photo can help, that is great. Take care of yourself, and happy changing people‘s lives, one surgery at the time. See you in a year.

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  • Dear Fulvio and team, Thank you so very much for performing my operation and all the care that I received post operation too. You are an expert with in your field, I feel exceptionally lucky that you were my surgeon. My experience is nothing short of outstanding. You have an exceptional bedside manners are kind and a good sense of humour to boot. Never underestimate the difference you make to your patients.

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