Brazilian Butt Lift

People of all ages and body types are having the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. It helps patients with flat, sagging, asymmetrical, small (disproportionate) bottoms, or to improve shape after weight loss.

Treatment details

The shape of the bottom has received a great deal of media attention in recent years, thanks to some well-known celebrity curves. This surgical procedure uses your own fat rather than implants, so it is the most natural way to augment your buttocks.

Our technique

This surgery was traditionally done with implants, but the medical evidence shows us that the complication rate for implant surgery to the bottom is in the order of 15-20% (see my textbook on ‘Evidence Based Cosmetic Surgery’ for the full analysis). I believe that is unacceptably high and therefore do not offer buttock implants to my patients. Instead I recommend buttock enhancement by fat grafting – termed a Brazilian Butt Lift. This combination of reducing volume from certain areas by liposuction (such as the flanks and the small of the back) and volume augmentation of other areas (by fat grafting). About one third of the grafted fat is reabsorbed by your body – the rest is retained permanently, and gains or loses weight exactly as it would have done at its original site.

Fulvio's advice

Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts 2-3 hours. Many patients choose to stay one night in the hospital although you could go home on the day of surgery if you prefer. I then follow you up in the outpatient clinic one week later.

You’ll most likely need to take 2 weeks off work as you need to avoid sitting for the first two weeks. You can resume light exercise in 4-6 weeks.

  • Analgesia (pain relief) – Ibuprofen and paracetamol can be taken
  • BBL Cushions are available which help you manage the period during which you can’t sit down normally – offloading the weight of sitting onto your thighs.
  • ​Surgical skin tapes should be left in place for 2 weeks
  • ​The hospital or surgeon should be contacted if you develop a temperature
  • ​​The hospital or surgeon should also be contacted immediately in rare cases of bleeding or rapid swelling
  • ​Patients should take care not to over exert themselves in the first few weeks and to keep pressure off the wounds
Procedure statistics

General Anaesthetic

Reasonably mobile: 1 day

Garments/support cushion: I recommend a compression garment for the fat donor site, and avoiding too much pressure over your grafted bottom

Hospital stay: 0-1 nights

Washing: Keep dressings dry until one week review

Full recovery: Wounds are healed in one week, full results in 3 months

Surgery time: 2-3 hours

Driving: Short trips from 2 weeks

We advise patients to stop smoking 2 week before and after any surgery

Time off work: 2 weeks

Exercise: 4-6 weeks

Price: £6300 to £7800

  • I would like to express my thanks for the care and kindness you have shown me. It has made such a difference in what has been a difficult time. Many thanks

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  • To Dr Urso-Baiarda and wonderful team. Thank you for looking after me and making this journey for me. I am so happy with my results!

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  • Hi Fulvio, Thank you again for everything, not only the fantastic results (I’m beyond thrilled) but also the level of care you have shown. I would love to see what can be achieved, and if the photo can help, that is great. Take care of yourself, and happy changing people‘s lives, one surgery at the time. See you in a year.

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  • Dear Fulvio and team, Thank you so very much for performing my operation and all the care that I received post operation too. You are an expert with in your field, I feel exceptionally lucky that you were my surgeon. My experience is nothing short of outstanding. You have an exceptional bedside manners are kind and a good sense of humour to boot. Never underestimate the difference you make to your patients.

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