Medial Thigh Lift

A medial thigh lift is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the inside of the thighs.

Treatment details

A medial thigh lift not a surgical treatment for being overweight, but rather a way of dealing with a stubborn area that has not responded adequately to diet and exercise.

Our technique

I will discuss your areas of concern during our consultation and indicate the length of the scar needed to address it. Often the scar is T-shaped, passing forwards and backwards in the thigh crease as well as down the inside of the thigh.

Surgery is carried out with you asleep and there is an overnight stay. First fluid is injected into the affected area and fat is removed both from it and the surrounding thigh by liposuction. Then loose skin is removed from the inside of the thigh and the wound is ‘tailor tacked’ (loosely closed) to allow an assessment of symmetry. Adjustments are made at this stage before definitive closure. One drain is used on each side, usually removed the following morning. Patients are given tight garments to wear immediately from the operating theatre.

Alternative treatment

A medial thigh lift is a surgical procedure. Alternative forms of management include no treatment, diet and exercise, and liposuction. The latter is helpful if you have good skin tone but may otherwise leave loose hanging skin.


Any surgical procedure involves a certain amount of risk. For medial thigh lift these include visible scars, scar stretch, prolonged wound healing, bleeding or a collection of blood (a haematoma), seroma (a collection of tissue fluid, either allowed to resorb by itself or requiring drainage), asymmetry and fullness at the ends of the scars. Less commonly there can be altered sensation to areas of your thighs that settles slowly or incompletely, and uncommonly there can be damage to deeper structures, including nerves, blood vessels or lymphatics. All the risks can be fully discussed at your consultation.

Fulvio's advice

Spend time explaining what you hope to achieve from surgery and particularly the extent of the scar that you will accept. Some patients are happy to improve thigh contour in clothes whereas others want their scars to be hidden by shorts. There may need to be a compromise between a scar length that is acceptable to you and the final result that can be obtained – take the time to work this out with your surgeon. As with any cosmetic procedure, make sure you have the opportunity to ask all your questions before surgery.

  • Analgesia (pain relief) – Ibuprofen and paracetamol can be taken
  • ​Complete rest will be necessary for 48 hours
  • ​Daily tepid showers will be possible after 48hours
  • ​Surgical skin tapes should be left in place for 2 weeks
  • The hospital or surgeon should be contacted if you develop a temperature
  • ​The hospital or surgeon should also be contacted immediately in rare cases of bleeding or rapid swelling
  • ​Patients should take care not to over exert themselves in the first few weeks and to keep pressure off the wounds
Procedure statistics

General Anaesthetic

Reasonably mobile: next day

Garments: 4-6 weeks

Hospital stay: 1 night

Driving: 2-4 weeks

We advise patients to stop smoking 2 week before and after any surgery

Time off work: 2-3 weeks

Surgery time: 1.5-2 hours

Sutures: Dissolving

Price: £5500 to £6500

  • I would like to express my thanks for the care and kindness you have shown me. It has made such a difference in what has been a difficult time. Many thanks

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  • To Dr Urso-Baiarda and wonderful team. Thank you for looking after me and making this journey for me. I am so happy with my results!

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  • Hi Fulvio, Thank you again for everything, not only the fantastic results (I’m beyond thrilled) but also the level of care you have shown. I would love to see what can be achieved, and if the photo can help, that is great. Take care of yourself, and happy changing people‘s lives, one surgery at the time. See you in a year.

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  • Dear Fulvio and team, Thank you so very much for performing my operation and all the care that I received post operation too. You are an expert with in your field, I feel exceptionally lucky that you were my surgeon. My experience is nothing short of outstanding. You have an exceptional bedside manners are kind and a good sense of humour to boot. Never underestimate the difference you make to your patients.

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