Throwing out your old bras? Please consider donating them

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If you’re planning breast surgery then you are probably looking forward to the day you can go shopping for some new delightful sets of underwear.

Not much thought often goes to those loyal old outgoing bras. However, one of our patients has recently brought our attention to a charity called Smalls for All, which we would very much like to support.

There are few places that will accept your old underwear, but Smalls for All will do so (‘lightly soiled bras’) and send them to women and children in Africa.

Whilst recycling your old stuff is all nice and good, this is about more than just about being environmentally friendly. Such is the poverty of some parts of Africa, owning and wearing underwear can be regarded as a status symbol. So what? Well, having knickers can mean a girl not missing school during her period. Wearing a bra is reportedly even enough of a symbol of wealth, status and power to reduce the risk of a young woman being sexually assaulted.

If you’re interested in what they do, check out their website smalls for all. And just think – while you’re enjoying your new body and having that first exciting shopping trip, your old bras can be really changing someone else’s life too, and you’re reducing landfill. How’s that for win-win?!


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